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Sales Managers: How to Deliver Feedback 101.

As a sales manager half of your job is having open and honest communication with your reps. One type of communication is feedback. By providing proper feedback you’re building a relationship built on communication with the mutual end goal of success.

Understanding the Sales Ride-Along.

Understanding how to effectively have a sales ride-along is a key meeting all managers should master. Why? Well, the sales ride-along is the perfect place to pre-plan, discuss the objectives, effectively coach your sales rep and deliver proper feedback on the call.

Best Sales Coaching Practices.

The sales coaching meeting is the ideal place to teach your reps by making recommendations based on their individual competencies and needs. Discover the best practices to implement with your company to enhance your own skills as well as enhance the experience of your reps.

Moving the Needle in Sales Coaching.

The value of a proper sales coaching program cannot be overstated. As a manager it is your primary responsibility to properly coach your reps. Without a sales coaching plan in place you risk your reps retaining little to no sales training information and remaining stagnant in their career, costing you time and money.

The Sales Forecast Meeting.

The sales forecast meeting is designed to help you and your sales team predict the quota for the quarter using data. Today we discuss the nuts and bolts of the meeting, the data required, and how to get there efficiently.

The Sales Pipeline Meeting.

A sales pipeline meeting is a discussion of all prospects at all stages of the sales cycle. It is an opportunity to discuss the company and qualifying sales prospects as well as an opportunity for doing webinars, demos and presenting proposals. Today we discuss the importance of data, the pipeline review, and the desired outcome.

The Types of Meetings Every Sales Manager Needs to Master.

All sales meetings are not created equal. While it may seem like a good idea to have the same type of weekly meeting to flesh everything out, it may not be the most effective. As a sales manager it is your primary role to find the best way to communicate with your sales reps. The best way to achieve this is to understand the different types of meetings, each of their uses, and how to properly execute them to get those most out of each and every sales meeting.

Deconstructing The Sales Candidate Assessment. (Pt 1)

Previously discussed in our 6 step sales hiring process, the importance of a sales candidate assessment cannot be overstated. Having a proper assessment is a necessary tool to help you gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your potential hires. Without this assessment you are doing your reps, your company, and yourself a disservice.