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10 Tips on How to Reduce Sales Turnover.

As much as these are tips for helping you to reduce sales turnover, it is also a list of best practices for maintaining a high performance sales team. If you follow the strategies below, you will retain sales reps who are committed to achieving the highest revenue they can.

Achieving Team Success as a Sales Manager. (Part 2)

This is part two of the sales managers guide to success. As a sales manager it is your job to make sure your sales reps are achieving overall team success. The second part of this guide will discuss the proper way to manage, organize, understand, and celebrate your sales reps. As previously stated this guide is meant to be a general outline of how to build a successful sales team full of reps who love to be a part of your company culture.

Achieving Team Success as a Sales Manager. (Part 1)

As a sales manager it is your job to make sure that you achieve overall sales team success. This guide is meant to boil down the best practices and overview for sales managers. A guide that can be followed to build and maintain a successful team of sales reps who love being a part of the company culture.

Deconstructing the Sales Rep Development Plan.

The main goal of the sales rep development plan is to better understand your sales reps long term goals and establish a way achieve them. The first step in helping your sales reps to achieve their goals is to establish where they want their career to go. Then once that is established, outlining their goals, coming up with the requirements to meet that goal, and developing a long term plan to get them there. This is more than just an annual meeting and requires hard work and effort on both you and your reps part.

Sales Managers: How to Deliver Feedback 101.

As a sales manager half of your job is having open and honest communication with your reps. One type of communication is feedback. By providing proper feedback you’re building a relationship built on communication with the mutual end goal of success.