The Funnel

Welcome to The Funnel a sales podcast focused on topics like sales process, sales management, coaching, development, inbound lead engagement, sales and marketing alignment and anything that revolves around the relevant aspects of selling managing and leading a high performance sales team.

Episode 240: The Key to Sales Training Success.

If you’re a sales manager you know that, more often than not, sales training can be a tedious, repetitive, and oftentimes ineffective. Which is what makes sales training success such an elusive concept. But in reality, this success can be easily attainable with a few small changes.

Episode 235: Sales Managers Your Sales Reps Need to Take Responsibility.

Taking responsibility, whether in our personal or professional lives, can be a difficult task. It requires self-reflection, understanding the role our actions play and accepting that we have made a mistake. Which is why it isn’t hard to see the reason many sales reps have a difficult time taking responsibility. If you or your sales reps are having a difficult time with this, it’s time to wake up. It’s time for your sales reps to take responsibility for their actions and it’s time for you to take back control of your sales team.

Episode 234: How Sales Management can Avoid the Echo Chamber.

As sales managers, we sit and talk to those who have the same ideas and belief systems that we do, and through our conversations with them, they reinforce our beliefs. When we don’t step outside that echo chamber we never get other ideas or thoughts. And when you don’t open yourself up to the opportunity to have a deep discussion and solid disagreements you’re stuck in that echo chamber. Today on the funnel we discuss how sales management can avoid the echo chamber altogether

Episode 232: Sales Leaders Do you Listen to Your Team?

Attention sales leaders do you listen to your team? Before you jump the gun and say yes take a moment and think about it. How many times has a rep come in your office and you’ve completely zoned out while they talked? Today we talk about the best ways to communicate with your team, how to solve the problem, and focus on the future.