The Funnel

Welcome to The Funnel a sales podcast focused on topics like sales process, sales management, coaching, development, inbound lead engagement, sales and marketing alignment and anything that revolves around the relevant aspects of selling managing and leading a high performance sales team.

Episode 225: Why Sales Training Fails and How to Fix it.

Sales training is the process in which your sales managers and reps are properly trained on the essentials for sales success. Whether this be the CRM, product, presentation, or pricing the sales training covers it all. Today on the funnel we discuss why most sales training fails and what you can do to fix it.

Episode 221: 4 Critical Skills New Salespeople Lack.

´╗┐There is a current trend in which new salespeople lack the necessary skills needed to succeed in the sales world. While this may seem like the fault lies with the sales rep we’re not talking about sales skills. Instead we’re talking about skills not taught by the manager or business owner. Whether that be because of lack on onboarding or little thought given into it these skills aren’t valued and are turning good salespeople into duds.

Episode 220: 5 Sales Management Tips For Managers Dealing With Underpreforming Sales Reps.

Whether you are the best or worst sales manager in the world at some point in your career you’re going to have an underperforming sales rep. While this is an unfortunate situation to deal with, there are specific steps you can take to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Today on The Funnel we discuss when to address the situation, how to prepare yourself, what to do, how to create a work improvement plan, and how to stick to your guns.

Episode 219: Why Sales Managers Don’t Coach.

In previous podcasts we’ve gone into great detail on the benefits of a coaching program for your sales team. So, if we know all these wonderful benefits why aren’t sales managers coaching? Today on the funnel we discuss exactly what holds people back from sales coaching.

Episode 218: Getting your Sales Team to Use the CRM.

Getting your sales team to use the CRM can prove to be a bit of a challenge, especially if it’s new territory. Today on the Funnel we discuss why they resist, how to take a proactive approach, and what’s in it for you as the manager. As well as putting a focus on coaching, training, and a culture of accountability.

Episode 217: Moving From Sales Colleague to Sales Manager.

If your company makes the decision to promote from within and move someone from sales colleague to sales manager, it can be a tricky transition. While it can be a great opportunity to hire from within, recognize that things will inevitably change. It’s important when moving from sales colleague to sales manager to prepare yourself, establish basic ground rules, and to avoid the traps that will inevitably be there.