John Shea

Sales Leader. Sales Coach. Sales Trainer

John Shea

President, Alignment Group

As a sales leader and strategist for over 25 years, John excels in directing a sales team toward success. His efforts have played an integral part in the growth of companies throughout the United States. He focuses on creating synergy in sales departments to achieve growth, development of the sales team, management, onboarding, process enhancement, and the hiring process involved in building a successful sales force. John’s experience includes over 20 years in the document management industry, as well as professional services in software and technology. As one of the founders of Alignment Group, John has a strong philosophical belief that sales and marketing teams generate greater revenue when they are aligned. Using GoToMeeting technology, John is able to meet with clients in any location and provide them the same level of service as meeting in person.

John co-founded the Inbound Sales Academy with one simple goal in mind. To teach salespeople to transform the way they sell, to match the way prospects buy today. John brought the program to Alignment Group. He refined and updated the inbound sales training to include closing inbound leads and applying inbound techniques to outbound selling thereby increasing sales revenue and profit. The training program is delivered to corporate sales teams and individual salespeople throughout the U.S. via in-person, virtual training programs and online courses.



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