Why is it so hard to find great sales people?

Sales managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners have a poor track record when it comes to hiring sales talent. Highly qualified sales people are always in demand and the key to finding one requires dedication and hard work. It is essential to improve recruiting techniques and put time into the development of interviewing skills. Follow the six step sales hiring process outlined in this podcast and you will see improvement in your recruiting and hiring track record.


Clearly define the position.

An accurate job description delineates the responsibilities of the position and sets the stage for hiring the most qualified sales person.  Not only will you attract appropriate candidates, you will have a clearer understanding of the role that individual will fill within your company. Document what defines success within the position and be able to clearly discuss that with candidates. There should be no ‘gray area’ left up to interpretation; both in the role and what defines success.

Use a candidate assessment.

Often I hear from clients that they ‘go with their gut’ when they hire sales reps. While you should not ignore your intuition, it should never be the main force behind a hiring decision. I highly recommend using a candidate assessment prior to interviewing sales people. If you have clearly defined the position and outlined job expectations, the next logical step is to hire a sales rep who will be a top performer. A high quality candidate assessment weeds out those individuals who are not qualified for the position prior to you taking the time to interview them.


Improve your interview skills.

Developing and improving interview skills is a professional development piece that is neglected in most management training. Time invested cultivating this skill set is never wasted. Learn how to ask the right questions and actively listen to replies. Be careful not to provide the answers you are looking for, rather ask questions in a way that allows candidates latitude with their responses. Interviewing is a vetting process. You are attempting to substantiate the candidate is an “A” player over the course of the interview. Verify the candidate’s achievements by confirming what is on the resume. Make sure success stories shared are truth. A good sales process for hiring sales reps weeds out the pretenders and pinpoints high quality candidates.


The six step sales hiring process

Reduce the risk of making a mistake and increase your odds of success by implementing the following six step sales hiring process within your organization.

  1. Identify the ideal candidate on paper.
  2. Search for a sales person.
  3. Access the candidate pool and reduce the risk of a poor hire.
  4. Qualify the remaining candidates.
  5. Interview the sales candidates.
  6. Hire the best candidate and set expectations for the position.

Keep Filling the Funnel

Reduce the risk of a poor hire and grow your sales team by implementing a six step hiring process. Hiring highly
qualified sales reps is a step in the right direction when building a high performing sales team. While it is a first step, it is not a guarantee of stellar job performance. Onboarding new employees is essential for maximum talent
development and growth of sales skills. But that is a topic for another day.





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