Sales Hiring Series:

Three episodes ago, I introduced the six step sales hiring process. A good sales assessment provides insight into the potential candidate. Can they succeed in the sales role you outlined? What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? Assess before you interview!


What we’re going to cover:

    • Assessment: Not an instant stamp of approval.
    • Sales assessments are not personality assessments.
    • How a sales assessment helps the hiring process.
    • How to effectively use a sales assessment.


Assessment: Not an instant stamp of approval.

What is it used for?

“The assessment is a tool. It’s not there to tell you to hire someone. It’s there to tell you to proceed.”

Defines the likelihood of success

“On the positive side it tells you the likelihood of success in your company that’s based on the specific role that you’ve outlined. Are they coach able and trainable? Do they have sales skills? But you know what it’s not going to do? It’s not going to tell you if they’re a cultural fit in the way you sell and how your company operates.”


Sales assessments are not personality assessments.

They don’t measure what you need to know.

“Personality assessments are not predictive of sales performance. They talk about you as a person, they talk about you in social situations. They don’t measure the things you need to know to be successful in sales.”

Social context vs sales context

“Don’t be fooled by the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Don’t be fooled by the personality test that bills itself as a sales test or the personality assessment that pretends to be a sales assessment, it’s not.  You need a true sales assessment to measure the capability of the person you’re attempting to hire to make sure that they meet your standards.”


How a sales assessment helps the hiring process.

Predictive of future success.

“I don’t need a recruiter to tell me they’re going to be successful, I don’t need a resume, I have something very definitive. An objective point of view that says to me this person has the will to sell. In other words, they’ll do what it takes to be successful. Because the assessment is telling me that.”

Sales DNA

“If I’m looking for a hunter I want them to come back with that competency. If I’m looking for a farmer it’s the same thing. And if I build the profile right, identify exactly what I’m looking for the job then I can use the assessment to narrow the field. To give me the right person back.”


How to effectively use a sales assessment.

Pre Screen

“Effective use is by pre-screening. A pre-screen of the candidate. That way you can eliminate the pretenders and you can put yourself in a position where you don’t like a candidate you haven’t met.”

Interview Intelligence 

“First I’m going to build out the profile and identify exactly what is it I’m looking for. Then I’m going to put you through an assessment, and if you meet that assessment criteria enough to get to the interview process that’s good. But I haven’t made any decisions yet because all I have is the assessment and your resume. I can read the assessment, I can put some notes together, I can push hard on the questions that are strengths and I can dig deeper on the weaknesses. I can benchmark against what they’re telling me on the resume and what they’re responding to in that resume. It gives me a tremendous amount of interview intelligence so I have a leg up walking into that interview.”


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