Why is a sales hiring process so important?

Hiring poor and under-performing salespeople comes at a very high price. Sales hiring mistakes account for the vast majority of high turnover rates. The impact on team morale is huge and can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars per hire. Wasted opportunities, lost customers, and business never developed is inevitable. For business owners and sales managers with aggressive growth targets, failing to hire great salespeople will ultimately determine whether or not the company succeeds in hitting or surpassing these targets on a consistent basis. Download the Alignment Group 6 Step Sales Hiring Process to use as a guide as you structure your new hiring program. Building a high performance sales team starts with good hiring decisions. Please keep in mind the following three elements build on one another.
  1. Hiring Process
  2. Onboarding Program
  3. Coaching and Accountability

Download the 6 Step Sales Hiring Process and begin to build your high performance sales team.