The Alignment Group has published over 200 episodes of the funnel and over 100 Insights blog posts on subjects ranging from hiring sales reps to managing and coaching teams. We developed this eBook to make it easier for you to find content based on subject or category.  This is the first installment of the best of series of the funnel and Insights.

Sales managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners have a difficult time when it comes to hiring sales talent. Highly qualified salespeople are always in demand and the key to finding one requires dedication and hard work. It is essential to improve recruiting techniques and put time into the development of interviewing skills.

This is why the six step sales hiring process was developed. It's the perfect blend of people, skills, process and science to find the right sales representative for your company. We emphasize validating a candidate's fit before the interview and proving that fit during the interview process.Watch this video and you will learn the six-step sales hiring process and how to adapt it to your sales program.

John Shea
President of Alignment Group


In This Ebook You Will Find:

    • Information on The Six Step Sales Hiring Process.
    • Links to the 7 podcasts on The Six Step Hiring Process
    • Links to the Insights Blog posts
    • Brief Overview of each step of the process