Sales Coaching

Good coaching brings higher revenue and profit

Sales Coaching

We know there is a direct link between effective sales coaching and high sales performance.  Our coaching program is designed create top-line revenue growth, increased margin, higher conversion rates, and better pipeline management as well as improved sales forecast accuracy. We coach business owners, salespeople, and sales leaders individually and in small groups to achieve sales success. Additionally, we train leaders and managers to transform into superior coaches.


Who We Coach

Sales Teams: Inbound or outbound sales representatives.

Sales Leaders: Vice President of Sales, Sales Managers, and Sales Supervisors to help their team achieve higher levels of success.

Business Owners: Business Owners who find themselves in the position of being their company’s sales leader.


Our Framework

Alignment: To be effective, we must understand how the clients ideal buyers make purchasing decisions. We review the organizations sales process and methodology. We identify specific and unique challenges the person or group faces during their daily sales interactions and we align our program to the individuals and company we are working with.

Formal Coaching Sessions: We carve out specific, formal sessions that are strictly focused on coaching. These meetings are separate from pipeline and performance discussions. Salespeople need to feel comfortable and this is achieved by creating an open, transparent coaching session. We start by setting realistic goals and teach people how to develop successful plans to achieve those goals.

Coaching Process: Too often, coaching is treated as a series of training events to be completed before moving on to the next topic. We help companies create a culture of continuous learning where individuals become accustomed to a coaching environment. By integrating the coaching process as part of the normal sales program we cultivate a perpetual learning experience.

Measurement and Motivation: We actively measure effectiveness on a regular basis. We teach business owners and sales leaders the measurement process to to ensure coaching as a continuous, ongoing priority. We will help keep you motivated to continue achieving higher levels of success.

Behavior Modification: We assess individual team members in their current roles and use the results as a baseline for anticipated growth. Based on our review and our coaching meetings, we will make specific recommendations that focus on changing behaviors that inhibit successful sales achievement. Some changes will come in the form of acquiring or improving a sales skills while other changes will focus on improvement of sales DNA.





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John Shea

John Shea


As a sales leader and strategist for over 25 years, John excels in directing a sales team toward success. His efforts have played an integral part in the growth of companies throughout the United States.