Hiring and Onboarding


Improving sales performance starts with recruiting, hiring, and training top talent. Our process is built specifically for sales and designed to help you build a quality sales team.

Hiring Salespeople



  1. The first step in the hiring process is to identify what it takes to be highly successful in your business. In other words what does top talent look like?
  2. Once we identify what the ideal sales candidate looks like, we build a specific profile for each position within the sales department. We teach you how to recruit the candidates that fit your profile.
  3. Once the candidate pipeline is filled, we initiate our sales candidate assessment program. Each assessment is customized for the position, environment, and sales skills necessary for performance within your organization. We screen every candidate to remove personal subjectivity. A detailed report on each candidate provides insight to the candidate’s ability for success within your organization.  The Sales Candidate Assessment Program used by Alignment Group is 96% predictive of success.
  4. An assessment is only the first step in the hiring process. While it is an important tool, it does not measure intelligence, technical knowledge, self-presentation, appearance, check references or perform the interview for you. Alignment Group will collaborate with you to construct an interview process designed to help you identify the candidate who is the best fit for your organization.

Pad and Pencil

Sales Onboarding

 A sales onboarding process provides new sales reps with a smooth transition into your organization. It is the first step in a new employee’s development.We break the sales onboarding process into three categories and collaborate with you to design a repeatable process that ensures success with each new hire. Alignment Group will establish a 30, 60 or 90 day program specific to your organization that provides new salespeople with the opportunity to learn sales skills, company knowledge and processes in order to be highly successful. A solid onboarding process reduces the length of ramp-up time for new employees and allows sales reps to produce revenue quicker.





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