Sales Assessments


Our Sales Department Evaluation is the only assessment created by sales experts specifically for sales organizations. The Sales Evaluation looks at three critical components that make up a sales organization: people, strategies and systems.



To grow revenue and profit you need the right people on your team. A typical sales department evaluation measures personality traits and social interactions. The sales assessment used by Alignment Group is sales specific. Individual sales assessments evaluate the sales management team as well as sales representatives to determine strengths, weaknesses, growth potential, and overall ability to sell. The evaluation reveals if your employees are in optimal roles to increase sales revenue, consistently fill the pipeline, win against competitors, penetrate new accounts, and sell deeper and wider in current accounts. The Sales Force Evaluation Report provides a road map to grow sales revenue and profit. You will receive a detailed report on the entire organization and each individual. From the Sales Force Evaluation we establish a plan to support individuals as they develop and improve their sales skill sets.



The Sales Department Evaluation used by Alignment Group examines synergy within an organization.  Do your sales managers’ strategies and messaging align with those of the CEO and the organization? How about those of your sales people? When the entire sales leadership team is aligned on strategy, messaging is consistent across the board. Communication, direction and outcome are directly impacted when business strategies, sales strategies, and marketing strategies are in sync.

Alignment Group holds true to our namesake. We identify any alignment and strategy execution issues and formulate a plan to get the entire team moving in the right direction; putting you back on the path to sales revenue growth and profit.



Systems and processes are the backbone of a sales organization’s success. They lay the foundation, provide a framework for sales and management, support efforts, and compile pertinent data required for sales leaders to coach and manage their teams. Thorough examination of relevant metrics provide data for sales and management to be held accountable for desired results. We analyze your current sales processes and methodologies and determine if they reflect what you are attempting to achieve as an organization.

Alignment Group will build a sales process map to grow sales revenue and profit. We collaborate with you to setup a system that evaluates sales and lead indicators and enables management to effectively support their teams and grow revenue.



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