Sales Performance

In order to be effective, sales organizations must clearly define business objectives and revenue targets. Sales management’s task is to translate the company’s objectives and targets into daily, weekly and monthly activities to achieve maximum performance.

Define Performance Goals

Most sales organizations focus on typical areas of management; territory analysis, quota setting, hiring and onboarding, and training and coaching. Too often, we are witness to organizations that view sales in a narrow, 30 day window of revenue achievement. In addition to assisting companies with traditional areas of management, Alignment Group expands the focus by increasing sales effectiveness with an ongoing program of optimizing sales performance.   Clearly defined performance goals helps determine where you need to coach or adjust to hit your targets. Alignment Group will:

  • Translate company objectives into measurable activities that yield results.
  • Develop a process for individual goal setting, one on one meetings, and coaching sessions.
  • Write a job performance document that clearly defines roles and expectations.
  • Identify the ideal strengths and sales skills critical to high performance.



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