Sales Process and Sales Methodology

The foundation of every high-growth, high revenue, profitable and predictable sales engine is a strong sales process. It’s the structure that supports the entire sales organization. It enables pipeline management and provides accurate, calculable forecasting. It also supports a coaching platform that enables sales leaders to read and react to potential issues resulting in quick course correction.

Sales Process

A sales process is a systematic approach to selling that involves a series of milestone-centric steps tailored to your customers buying behaviors. A well-defined sales process enables a team to increase accuracy of forecasts, close more deals, and increase profit margins. A reliable sales process aligns to how buyers make purchasing decisions with technology advances effecting the sales world. Customers are educating themselves prior to and during their engagement with sales people. it’s important to recognize and respect that knowledge, while at the same time providing appropriate guidance to move the opportunity along. Finally, an efficient sales process must be aligned with marketing. Marketing departments should clearly understand the sales process and provide valuable content for each stage of the buyer’s journey.


Our Sales Process Framework

Current Process: We detail the current sales process including documents, steps and tools utilized by the sales team. This is accomplished by collecting official organizational documentation and tools. We interview field personnel to determine the process they are using. Oftentimes, we discover a discrepancy between the company’s office process and field execution.

Data Review: We collect and review all current data and metrics related to the current sales process.

Development: This process is unique to your company and prospects buying process.  Alignment Group maps a sales process for your organization that has clear steps, in sequential order, with accountability standards assigned to each step to ensure success. We work with the marketing team to align the messaging and content with the sales process.

Verification and Review: We actively measure effectiveness on a regular basis. We teach business owners and sales leaders the measurement process to to ensure coaching as a continuous, ongoing priority. We help keep you motivated to continue achieving higher levels of success.

Implementation: We assess individual team members in their current roles and use the results as a baseline for anticipated growth. Based on our review and our coaching meetings, we make specific recommendations that focus on changing behaviors that inhibit successful sales achievement. Some changes will come in the form of acquiring or improving a sales skills while other changes will focus on improvement of sales DNA. We implement a sales and marketing service level agreement that facilitates an open, transparent review of the entire process to ensure true alignment.


Sales Methodology

Sales methodology and sales process and are independent of one another, yet dependent upon the other to succeed. Sales methodology requires the framework of a sales process. Methodology implements the techniques and skills necessary to move through the sales process. How and when you apply sales methodology skills will determine the success of your salespeople. We implement sales methodology through our sales training and sales coaching programs





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