Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement is aligning marketing, sales messaging, processes, and goals. Support sales people with the tools that deliver prospects information, content, and data to move a sales opportunity through the pipeline. Here at Alignment Group we help sales people sell better and faster.

Closing the Sales and Marketing Loop

Sales enablement is a fairly new term. However, the basic concept has been around for a long time. Simply put its goal is clear: to help sales reps sell more.


Our Framework

Visibility: Do your sales reps have access to prospect data? Do they know how to read and analyze that data? We help your sales team understand the value of lead intelligence and how to use it to their advantage.

Sales Process Alignment: Sales process doesn’t stand alone. Aligning sales process to how buyers buy is critical to enabling sales people to move deals through the funnel. Once a deal enters the funnel we analyze movement down the funnel and make adjustments to help you close more deals.

Prospecting: Prospecting has become increasingly difficult for salespeople. Buyer self education, technology and reputation have made it difficult for sales people to connect in the usual ways. We help you understand the new realities of prospecting and how to take advantage of the very things that hinder traditional prospecting.

Lead Engagement: Most sales people struggle to sell inbound leads because they are attempting to engage a prospect in the traditional sales manner. Low responses to emails and phone calls are common. When they finally do connect it rarely goes beyond the first call. We teach sales people how to analyze the lead data and engage prospects in a conversation that increases win rates.

SLA: We help our clients create a service level agreement between sales and marketing. Marketing needs to be equally invested in the numbers. We help marketing set up goals that align with the sales goals. sales and marketing reporting is critical in mataining communication and transparency.

Measure: Measuring the results of your sales enablement services is the key to proving your value as a partner. But measuring these programs can be a bit more difficult. One way is to track the lead-to-customer conversion rate. This will help you understand how effective sales reps are and if your efforts are improving the bottom of the funnel. You could also calculate the win/loss rate against competitors or set up an attribution report to analyze what content is influencing deals.

De-Clutter: We take a look at all of the manual processes and, internal communications, meeting schedules and anything else that could possibly get in the way of sales people spending time in front of customers and prospects.

Technology Tool sets: Technology is designed to make us more efficient. Unfortunately salespeople can get bogged down with the wrong technology tools. Tools designed for managers and senior executives. We look at the tactical use of tools like the CRM and make recommendations on the current system as well as new systems. We introduce tools we think will help the salespeople achieve their tactical objectives, thereby hitting their strategic targets.










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