Sales and Marketing Alignment


At Alignment Group, we believe sales and marketing share revenue responsibility.

We specialize in bringing sales and marketing teams together because when these teams communicate effectively, revenue increases. Marketing begins the process by filling the funnel from the top and nurturing the prospects into qualified leads. When the time is right, those warm leads are passed through to sales who transform the relationship from digital to individual. Sales nurtures the leads through the remainder of the pipeline to closing. It’s that simple.Your sales force should have a solid sales process and sales methodology that match the buying process of the customer. Alignment Group provides the tools and processes to help your sales team transition to meet the demands of the consumer.


We recognize the path to revenue growth incorporates legitimate sales and marketing alignment. That’s why we offer marketing consulting services through our associates at Quintain Marketing.

“Growing companies turn to Quintain for help taking their business to the next level. We do this by working alongside their leadership team to create and execute online and offline marketing strategies and create greater alignment between marketing and sales. Our services include inbound marketing strategy development and execution, brand positioning, website development, social marketing (including social SEO), tradeshow strategy development, branded products, direct marketing (direct mail and dimensional mailing), incentive and reward programs, and online company stores.”

Our relationship with Quintain Marketing goes beyond the traditional, strategic partner mention; we are on the same team. Alignment Group provides sales consulting services to Quintain’s clients and Quintain provides marketing consulting services to Alignment Group’s clients. Alignment Group is an essential part of the marketing services team providing input, guidance and advice when our clients engage in a marketing relationship with Quintain. This partnership offers a unique opportunity and approach to sales and marketing alignment. The combined expertise of two distinct teams, working in sync, to increase the quantity and quality of your inbound leads is a proven recipe for sales success. Check out the award winning Quintain Team!



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