Sales Training

Focus on developing sales managers and salespeople into top performers when building a high performance sales team.

Sales Training

Beware of the fire hose. Salespeople generally view training as a punitive measure. Dragging them out of the field for a three day boot camp is a painful exercise. Most sales training fails because it’s delivered in a way that doesn’t promote long term retention. Many training programs  use massed training which tries to cram knowledge into two or three sessions. This type of training is a far less effective program for knowledge retention and skill development. It is completely ineffective for helping sales teams increase revenue.


Our Approach

Spaced training is an effective way to increase sales  skills because it allows for repetition over a period of time. There is a reason spaced training is the preferred training strategy used by the military. Using repetition as a strategy we increase salespeople and sales managers skill sets. Our goal is to achieve a higher level of expertise in driving revenue and profit. The only way to achieve this is through repetition and live field practice.

  • Our program includes online learning modules spaced out over a series of weeks.
  • Small one hour sessions complete with study guides templates and tactical advice on applying what they have learned in the field.
  • Every learning module is followed by an instructor led session that includes role play, drills and current opportunity discussion.
  • The instructor led sessions are the students opportunity to discuss what they have learned in the current as well as previous modules. this is where they can discuss their real field experiences and receive feedback from the instructor as well as fellow students.
  • Upon completion of the instructor led module they are assigned the next module.
  • Sales managers modules provide additional documents, tips and suggestions for coaching sales people.


Inbound Sales Academy

We deliver all of our training through the Inbound Sales Academy.  Sales reps come to ISA to build their selling skills and acquire the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to improve their outbound skill set and engage inbound leads to close deals in today’s digital economy. The Inbound Sales Training program is designed specifically to empower individual sales reps to convert more opportunities into customers. The Inbound Sales Academy was founded by John Shea of Alignment Group, John and Kathleen Booth of Quintain Marketing.





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