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HubSpot CRM Implementation And Training

You hire great salespeople to sell not to spend their time completing administrative tasks. CRM adoption rates are low because salespeople simply don’t have the time to document their every move. that’s why we decided to use HubSpot’s free CRM. HubSpot automates the time consuming administrative tasks other CRM’s require your reps to complete manually.

To help you successfully set up the CRM system and improve adoption rates, we’ll help you:

  • Set up the system to support your existing processes
  • Build out your sales process and deal tracking
  • Create custom reporting
  • Implement email templates
  • Teach the sales team how to use sequences
  • Integrate the CRM with your website
  • Train your sales team



Sales Coaching

I coach salespeople, sales managers, vice presidents of sales and business owners. I use the Socratic method to teach, guide, motivate and facilitate growth. There is no one size fits all approach. I adopt an approach based on the individual or team to achieve greater outcomes.

Coaching services include:

  • Sales management coaching, training, and development
  • Sales rep coaching, training, and development
  • Inbound sales training
  • Hiring and Onboarding salespeople
  • Developing an Interview process
  • Developing a customized sales process

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

We specialize in bringing sales and marketing teams together. We know when sales and marketing are on the same page, profit and revenue increases. Marketing begins the process by filling the funnel from the top nurturing prospects into qualified leads. When the time is right, the warm leads are passed through to sales who transforms the relationship from digital to the individual. Sales nurture the leads through the remainder of the pipeline to closing.

Alignment services include:

  • Ideal prospect profile 
  • Service level agreements
  • Feedback provisions
  • Integrating the Sales Process with Buyers Journey
  • Lead handoff and communication process

Have you read our ebook “How to Align Sales and Marketing to Achieve Higher Revenues”?

Have you read our ebook “A Guide To Selling Better Faster”?

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the process of equipping sales teams with tools, technology, content, and training needed to increase sales. Simply put, sales enablement provides salespeople what they need to be successful in the field.

Sales Enablement services include:

  • Sales document library
  • prospecting automation
  • Technology review and recommendations
  • Mapping  relevant content based on the buy cycle
  • Email template creation and optimization


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Inbound Sales Training

Sales reps come to Alignment Group to build their inbound selling skills and acquire the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to engage inbound leads, prospect for outbound business and close deals in today’s digital economy.

For the Sales Manager

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Hiring and On-boarding, Managing, Coaching, and Developing a Sales Team.