Episode 270: Stop the Cold Calling Madness

by | Apr 11, 2018

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Cold calling. We’ve all heard about it, we’ve all done it, and we all know the stereotypes. While this type of selling was beneficial before the days of the internet, the world has moved on. So, stop the cold calling madness and jump into the new (and easier) world of social selling!

What we’re going to cover:

  • Life shouldn’t be that hard
  • Social selling myth
  • Conversation
  • Balancing Act


Life shouldn’t be that hard

Encyclopedia Sales

“The encyclopedia salesman is the nickname given to the men selling door to door, knocking on doors, and telling you why you need their product or service. In cold weather, warm weather, rainy, snowy, whatever it was, these salesmen were trying to sell. Today, this is what we refer to as cold calling. There wasn’t any data around it, they just drove into a neighborhood and went block after block, selling; You name it that’s how things got sold.”



“Life just shouldn’t be that hard. It was inefficient as is cold calling today because it’s really hard to generate qualified leads; you can do all the research in the world and unless things are falling in line, you know and I know that you’re bothering and interrupting people. You’re trying to pitch something that they don’t want to hear, this is why sales and salespeople get a bad name- for that very reason.”


Do you measure call quantity?

“This is how they we are taught, this is how it’s done, you’re measured, right? you buy lists, but do you measure your team along the number of calls? Oftentimes, that’s part of the metrics, so you just start down the list and go. But that just doesn’t make any sense.”


#1 challenge = Prospecting

“Now, I understand it’s really hard to generate qualified leads. It’s the number one challenge for most sales companies,  it’s prospecting, it’s driving new business, it’s the hardest thing to do. Now we can put a fancy name on it and we can sugarcoat it but you know the famous line, “you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig”

“That’s why today we’ve moved on to social selling.”

Social selling myth

Myth explained

“Basically, we’ve gone from getting in our car and driving to a neighborhood, business, or office and moving our way up floor by floor, and knocking on doors. Now we’ve morphed into social selling and the myth is that it’s not a cold call. The myth is because I have them on an email or I’m connected on a social platform like LinkedIn that somehow that makes it better, it’s warm and that’s that somehow makes it easier to justify reaching out.”


Still cold calling

“But the thing is- it’s still “cold calling”, a mutual connection does not equal a prospect. It’s still cold calling if you really don’t know then and you’ve had no real interaction.”





“The next step is having the conversation, so, how do you warm that up?”


“There’s a number of ways to drive business. One is through referrals, how many of you have put referral programs into your company? The best way to do this is to get a meeting with somebody who knows somebody based on a call or a lead, through an email, or a connection- then ask for a referral.”

Qualified Opportunities. 

“How do you deal with those qualified opportunities, those leads that come from marketing? How do you engage and make sure that you get the best chance at closing business? and then, how do you apply those same techniques for driving new business? because you want that warm introduction, you want somebody to actually know who you are before you call.

This is going to shorten your sales cycle, the time it takes to close business. And if you build a pipeline full of those opportunities, that means revenue and profit are going to go up as a result. You’re going to stay ahead of the competition, you’re not going to have to cold call, and it’s going to cost you less as an organization to drive business.”

Interesting Content

“You post interesting content, the things that you come across. For example, forwarding interesting content that might be of value to your client- It shows you care. By putting those comments in there, you’re beginning to build a reputation and people will come to you.”



“Then when you get their business, you ask them for referrals. Because at that point you will have a whole system in place to help you build referrals.  So when people say social selling, what they really are saying is just another form of cold calling. I would ask the question, define social selling to me, define what you mean by that? Well, posting great content, OK. Reaching out to people via Twitter, LinkedIn, OK. But do they know you?”


Balancing Act

Use Social Media

“Use social media to your advantage and to your benefit. Use it as a way to develop relationships. Just like I explained, do all of your homework, all of the research because it’s all about making connections.”


Use referrals

“For example, let’s say you narrow down your ideal customer, you create the verticals you’re going after, and you start developing your conversations, making connections, and boom connected. Once that happens, don’t start talking about selling right away. Meeting them for the first time is about developing a relationship, and getting to know them.”


Make the right call

“That’s what I mean by stop the cold call madness. The numbers you have to produce to get business is astounding, so move past that. Don’t move it into the social media platform and do the same thing rinse and repeat to figure out how to how to use that technology and how to use those platforms to create relationships and develop relationships- that’s what I’m talking about.”


Keep Filling The Funnel

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