The Funnel

Welcome to The Funnel a sales podcast focused on topics like sales process, sales management, coaching, development, inbound lead engagement, sales and marketing alignment and anything that revolves around the relevant aspects of selling managing and leading a high performance sales team.

Episode 262: Sales Managers Problems and What Not to Say

Sales managers problems are the problems that most face sales managers face each and every day. In other words, the ‘stuff’ that gets you in trouble. So, what exactly are those problems? And what can you do about it? Today on The Funnel we talk about the most common sales managers problems and how to stop the cycle in its tracks.

Episode 260: Sales Territory Management is Essential.

Proper sales territory management is essential to revenue growth. Whether you are a sales manager or a sales rep understanding how to properly manage those territories is both important and necessary. Today on the funnel we talk about the overall perspective of territory management, then look at it from a sales management point of view, and a sales reps point of view.

Episode 259: Time to Rethink the Sales Proposal

If you’re in sales, you should sales proposals like the back of your hand. But have you ever considered the possibility that it may be time to rethink the sales proposal? Who are you proposing to? What is the sales proposal? Today on the Funnel we discuss the vision and the outcome of the perfect sales proposal and how to move forward with your next steps.

Episode 256: Are Sales Reps Presenting Proposals too Early in the Process?

If you work in sales you know that presenting proposals too early in the sales process is bad. As a sales manager, it’s your job to discover if your sales reps are making this vital mistake, and figuring out how to fix it. Because even if it may not seem like it, I guarantee you if you start peeling back the layers you’re going to find more than a few reps proposing earlier in the process than they should.

Episode 255: The New Sales Managers #1 Priority.

What I mean by new sales manager is a sales manager that is new to the company. And the “new” sales managers number one priority should be recruiting. Becuase 9 times out of 10 when you are being pulled into this situation, there is a reason for it. It’s not just that somebody left, it is because something isn’t right. Even if the previous manager left for a better opportunity, as the new sales manager there are still some things that need to change.