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The Internet brought about a revolution in sales by modifying the path prospects follow when making purchasing decisions. Information, once only available from salespeople, is now easily accessible. The consumer has taken charge of prospecting and qualifying purchases via internet searches and online content. Customers have discovered they can identify, research, and recommend solutions to their problems. But copious research generally entails becoming an expert in the product or service they are recommending. Consequently, the B2B sales rep is more essential than ever. There is great opportunity for companies and sales people that understand and adapt to these changes. Organizations must revolutionize the way they hire, on-board, train, develop, manage, compensate and support sales reps and reps must advance the way they interact with prospects.


At Alignment Group, we begin with an evaluation your team. Do you have qualified people in optimal positions? How effective is your sales management team? You will discover what you must do in order to facilitate the growth of employees so they can achieve their maximum potential.  Is it difficult to find good salespeople? Does it take too long for new salespeople to ramp up? We can help you implement a hiring and on-boarding program that allows you to    acquire exceptional sales reps who produce revenue faster.

Systems and Processes

Companies with well documented sales processes consistently achieve revenue targets. Without having a staged, milestone-centric sales process you are likely to experience longer sales cycles, poor pipeline management, poor forecast management and frequent prospect non-decisions.  Aligning your process with the buyer’s journey is essential in today’s B2B sales world. A strong sales methodology allows your sales people the ability to seamlessly move throughout the steps of the process. Properly executing the methodology within a strong sales process shortens the sales cycle.

Prospect Engagement

Developing a relationship with prospects is key to prospect engagement. With effective communication, education, and collaboration, sales reps work in synergy with prospects and convert more opportunities and sign more contracts. Alignment Group offers multiple opportunities for sales reps and managers to develop their sales skills, increase their knowledge base and acquire the tools necessary to engage leads and close deals. Individual coaching sessions, workshops, and online training opportunities are all available to salespeople and teams. Sales skills development is vital to increasing sales revenue growth.

According to HubSpot, an alarming 79% of marketing leads never convert to sales, partially due to a lack of nurturing. Of the leads that get passed to salespeople, 73% are never contacted. In order to achieve alignment, it is vital to share processes, resources, and best practices. At Alignment Group, we help you define marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads and service level agreements within sales and marketing teams to ensure success.

According to HubSpot

Organizations With Real Sales And Marketing Alignment

  • Experience Faster Three-Year Profit Growth 27%
  • Close More Deals 38%


Realize Higher Sales Revenue Than Organizations With Disjointed Teams